Eternal Sunshine of an Ignorant Mind

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Slutty Cities

As October ends, a scary beat,
fruitful trends convince,
that the city grows with every meat,
for it strokes, at night
with a clear view of tall homes, one might
say that the boy smokes, lonely rings,
and girl she squeals, in zesty steps, as she kneels,
beneath the dome to grasp her truth, like a whore
filling her mind, the city lets the wrong ones in,
right behind, for it is we, who run the door
on summer's face, with hollow beats,
we break the intermission with empty seats,
on hallowed shores, sirens remind, a time
so bold, we aim to trap the hummingbird,
to mime the city's heart, with stars around,
all eyes blink but where's the sound?
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Traffic Lights

Your eyes are too heavy
to rest on me, when i am unaware;
So take them off, look at the traffic lights
instead, turning red and green
with the precision of a heartbreak
and the persistence of a heartbeat;
And see how they direct the life, daily,
of so many people, who feel so confident
and so sure of themselves,
not realizing that their entire future
depends, on this silly traffic light;
That something so mundane can result
in a little boy throwing a little ball
against a wall, or a wife calling her high school boyfriend,
nervously, or a mother having to put food away
in a refrigerator, or a man with attention deficiency,
wasting it away on a watch;
And like fools we talk about love and friendship
and philosophy and god, laying our eyes on people,
trying to judge them while they aren't looking,
searching for meaning in their involuntary gestures,
when we could learn so much more, from traffic lights.
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